Choose modular buildings when you expand your business space

Modular buildings

Many businesses in the UK have had a tough time in the last few years. There have been plenty of challenges, including Brexit, Covid, high energy bills, soaring inflation, and more. The economic outlook has made it tricky to plan ahead and look at how to expand business space. However, modular buildings could be the perfect option. We want to have a look at the benefits here and why they are a great investment. Continue reading “Choose modular buildings when you expand your business space”

Providing toilets and welfare facilities for construction sites

Portable toilet blocks

Health and safety is absolutely crucial on construction sites. There are a number of different legal requirements to observe here. This even includes the provision of toilets and welfare facilities. We want to have a closer look at the laws so you know more about your responsibilities. Then if you want to arrange portable toilet blocks and other welfare units, you can rely on us. Continue reading “Providing toilets and welfare facilities for construction sites”

What can modular healthcare facilities do?

Modular buildings for sale

Each company has its specialities. Ours is modular structures. For the last three decades we’ve installed them for clients. We have also relocated and refurbished them, catering for all kinds of needs. Plus, we now have plenty of modular buildings for sale too. The reputation we have is one for reliability and quality, so you can come to us with confidence. Continue reading “What can modular healthcare facilities do?”