Choose modular buildings when you expand your business space

Many businesses in the UK have had a tough time in the last few years. There have been plenty of challenges, including Brexit, Covid, high energy bills, soaring inflation, and more. The economic outlook has made it tricky to plan ahead and look at how to expand business space. However, modular buildings could be the perfect option. We want to have a look at the benefits here and why they are a great investment.

Cost effective

The most important reason to look at modular solutions is the price. It is always cheaper than conventional construction. You save on the cost of materials, labour, installation and more. If businesses are looking for a low cost way to expand space, this is the best option.

There are also more options here. Crucially businesses can choose to buy or hire to suit their budget. The latter is very flexible, meaning it is easier to scale space up or down. That is not possible with traditional construction.

Rapid turnaround

A key benefit with modular buildings is how fast they are to get up and running. If a building is ready to go, it can take just a few days to get it installed on site. Even if it is a brand new order for a bespoke structure, manufacturing in a factory can take weeks rather than months. Then it is again just a few days to get modules on site and install everything.


Because it is so fast, expanding business space with modular solutions minimises disruption. Generally you will be able to continue with work like usual. There may only be slight inconvenience if you need to connect to the main building. Even then, you won’t need to close the entire property.

The right kind of space

Modular offers the most flexible solutions. You can customise the buildings however you want to cater for any kind of function. For businesses, you can use them as offices, break rooms, changing rooms, toilets and washrooms, control rooms, and much more. Whatever you need, you can get the perfect space with the exact layout you need.


A clear advantage with modular buildings is that you get a space solution that is mobile. With traditional construction, once you extend the building that is it. You can’t decide to move the extension later. You can do just that with modules though. They are designed for mobility so you have the ability to change things up if you need to. For example, you can easily move them to other parts of a site or a new location entirely.


Finally, you get superior sound insulation. The buildings can be completely separate with independent materials. You can insulate them to a very high standard to prevent noise from escaping. This makes them an excellent choice for any noisy operations.

Do you want to use modular buildings to expand your business space?

S&S Site Services Ltd is the perfect company to work with if you want to increase space. We can supply modules, including selling some of our own or working with major manufactures. Then we can provide installation on almost any site. We can adapt here to suit any specifications. Finally, we can finish the interior however you want it. We even offer support in the future if you need maintenance or refurbishment services.

So, speak to us today about modular buildings. We’d be happy to help you find the perfect solution for your business.