Modular Building Alterations

One of the major benefits of modular buildings is there are so many options for customisation and reconfiguration. You should have the freedom to decide exactly what you want. We work to give you this at S & S Site Services (Nationwide) Limited. What we do is provide the most dynamic services for modular building alterations. As a result, whatever your needs, we will do our best to satisfy them.

Any kind of alteration

The range of specific alterations we can handle here is extensive. It includes:

Modular Building AlterationsWindows and doors

We can alter all types of cabins to give you the chance to decide where to place the windows and doors, as well as what configuration to choose. This can be vital for making the space as useful as possible.


Modular buildings are great in terms of usability. A big thing that helps with this is you can have partitions where you need them. They can split the space up in any number of ways so you can have separate rooms for different needs.


Often the electrical systems can limit the use of different spaces because of the placement of sockets and switches. With modular buildings it is easy to relocate them and add more. So, you can ensure it suits your needs.


Just like the electrics, it is easy to reconfigure the plumbing to suit different requirements. As a result, there can be installations for toilers, showers, sinks, and more.

Fire safety

We can do modular building alterations to achieve a suitable fire rating for various needs. For example, we can obtain the highest possible ratings for buildings such as classrooms that have a high occupancy rate. To do this, we choose the right materials for partitions, floor covers, and more. We have a lot of experience with fire-rated plasterboard. We also select suitable fire doors.

Change in need

Anyone that has a modular building can rely on us to alter it at any time. You may have a big change in what you need here, but we can help. You can ask us to completely change the interior layout and even adapt the placement of windows and doors if necessary. We can also change the electrics and plumbing for you. Plus, we can redecorate if you need to refresh it as well.

Ask us about modular building alterations

At S & S Site Services (Nationwide) Limited we provide the highest quality workmanship. We call on decades of experience in the industry and also have a team of skilful professionals. It allows us to achieve the highest standards with any alteration, from simple changes and reconfiguration to complete refurbishment and change of use.

You can also come to us for help and advice. We know about the huge array of different uses for the cabins. So, if you have something in mind but want recommendations for the layout, we can work with you.

Contact us today if you need any help at all with modular building alterations. We will ensure you get exactly what you want.