Modular Building Hire

S & S Site Services (Nationwide) Limited has a wealth of experience with modular buildings. We began trading in 1983, originally specialising in installation. However, today we can provide a comprehensive solution for all kinds of clients. It can include modular building hire, sales, repair or refurbishment, alterations, and more.

People often ask us about hiring the cabins. We are always happy to help here, whether it is discussing the benefits of choosing to hire or the options for customisation. Hiring is a great option that can work for different budgets. It can also provide more flexibility. We are happy to arrange services for clients if they want to go ahead.

What do you need?

Modular Building HireOne of the things that make us such a great company to work with is we can adapt to all kinds of needs. For example, you may require a single cabin to serve as a temporary office on a construction site. It might need to be one you can easily relocate as the work progresses. We can help with everything here, including relocation.

Alternatively, you might be looking at the mid to long term. The modular buildings are great for things like classrooms, healthcare facilities, and more. There are models you can easily connect together to make large spaces or multiple storeys. So, if you are looking to hire for a long time, we can find a service for you.

A comprehensive service

Another excellent reason to choose us for modular building hire is you can get everything you need in a single service. We can find cabins for you, arrange delivery, install them, and make any alterations you need. It will ensure you get the highest quality services from start to finish.

While you have the buildings you may also need occasional help with repairs, maintenance, and alterations if your needs change. We can take care of all of this for you too. As a result, you don’t need to worry about searching for help.

If that wasn’t reason enough reason to work with us, we also have an excellent track record when it comes to health and safety. We do a full risk assessment for every job. In addition, we always follow HSE guidelines. So, we make sure everything is safe and ready for use.

Do you want to explore the options for modular building hire?

S & S Site Services (Nationwide) Limited is proud to offer flexible hire contracts for clients all over the UK and beyond. We can provide solutions for all kinds of industries, catering for a massive list of applications. Our experience is really helpful here, and we can even give recommendations for clients who are unsure of anything.

As a family run business we also always prioritise the level of service we offer. We are friendly, approachable, and set very high standards. They are the foundation of the excellent reputation we have built.

So, if you need modular building hire for any reason, speak to us. We will go over the options with you and help you to decide on the right cabins, service, and contract length.