What can modular healthcare facilities do?

Each company has its specialities. Ours is modular structures. For the last three decades we’ve installed them for clients. We have also relocated and refurbished them, catering for all kinds of needs. Plus, we now have plenty of modular buildings for sale too. The reputation we have is one for reliability and quality, so you can come to us with confidence.

Modular structures give us the answer to temporary problems that need a fast resolution. However, it doesn’t mean the solution needs to be short term. It can actually be ongoing, whether it is healthcare, schools, housing, or other needs.

What we want to do is take a look at using the buildings specifically for healthcare. There are plenty of options here. For example, it could be creating facilities to pilot new surgical delivery methods. Or they can house new technology and equipment or facilitate new models of care delivery. Not to mention, they can allow healthcare providers to supply community-based care and diagnostics.


These buildings are a great option when you need to add capacity. Whenever waiting times go up, patient care can suffer. It can happen because of a spike in demand or things like staff absences. Even after service returns to normal levels, getting on top of waiting lists can be tricky.

You can use modular buildings to create facilities to expand capacity. For example, semi-permanent and temporary operating theatres can be established. You can link them to the main hospital with ease. They can feature all the necessary systems, including HVAC, medical gas banks and IPS, UPS, integrated water systems, and scavenging and vacuum systems.

Patient reassurance

Something else this industry can use the structures for is reassuring patients. Modular wards and pop up clinics were employed during the pandemic. They provided more beds and facilities to ensure people could get the care they needed. This was while also minimising the risk of interacting with people who had covid. Luckily, with manufacturers offering modular buildings for sale, there are lots of solutions.

Kettering General Hospital had one of these modular wards during the start of the pandemic. The 18-bed ward supplied reassurance for at-risk individuals who might have had concerns staying at hospital.

New care models

The buildings can help deliver new models of care too. To supply fully integrated community-based healthcare, you need flexibility. A modular outpatient clinic can give you the chance to process and care for outpatients in the centre of their own communities. This can either be part of a special programme or on an ongoing basis.

For healthcare service delivery, there is a concept that is seeing broad implementation. This is in areas where A&E departments are experiencing particular pressure. The approach involves the separation of urgent cases from patients with less dangerous ailments or injuries. The goal is to augment patient flow.

To reconfigure a service efficiently, we often need to adapt facilities and buildings. Establishing a temporary modular building lets hospitals test out scenarios. They can do so prior to investing lots of money in a new permanent structure.

Rapid response

Lastly, medical professionals can use modular buildings to allow for rapid responses. A good example would be the isolation pods or priority assessment spaces during the pandemic. They prevented patients with suspected Covid-19 from mixing with vulnerable people. In other cases, hospitals also had an urgent requirement to house changing areas and staff. The buildings could provide this housing.

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