Important things to know before you buy modular buildings

More and more people take the time to look at modular buildings for sale when they have a project coming up. It is a fantastic option that can offer some massive benefits. However, there are a number of important things you need to know before you commit. We want to look at them here so you know what to expect.

Planning permission

The most crucial thing to remember is you still need planning permission. Just because they are not traditional constructions doesn’t mean you can install them freely. There are rules and regulations in place to address the impact on the area and the environment.

It is important to look at your specific requirements and the impact it will have on planning permission. Generally you have a little more freedom and flexibility for temporary installations. You will still need approval, but a formal application may not be necessary. However, if the building will be in place for 28 days or more, you do need to get official permission.

The best thing to do here is to consider all the things that can prevent proposals from getting planning permission. This includes the impact on the environment, access, landscaping, and sustainability. It is also vital to look at the appearance of the building.


One of the main reasons to look at modular buildings for sale is they can be more cost effective. You could save from 10% to 35% if you compare to traditional construction. As a result, they can be much better for your budget.

There are a number of different ways you can save here. For example, materials tend to be cheaper and there is less waste because the modules are made in a factory under controlled conditions. There is also no material loss due to things like theft or weather damage. Plus, labour demands are lower and the whole build can be much faster.

You can choose modular buildings to suit most budgets. They will make your money go further too, often meaning you can choose a higher specification.


As we said above, you can get a modular building up and ready to use much faster than traditional construction. The bulk of the time is for creating a cabin or separate modules in a factory. Then it is generally just a few days to do the installation. From start to finish it can take around 3 months.

The important thing here is to remember that the smaller timeframe means you can get a faster ROI. A modular building will be usable far before a traditional one. As a result, it will start providing a return sooner.

Browse modular buildings for sale

S&S Site Services is always happy to help if you are looking for a solution. We have a wealth of experience to share. As a result, we can advise clients about the major things like planning permission, budget, build time, and more. We can even offer suggestions for different uses and internal fittings. Whatever you need, we are confident we can facilitate it.

So, contact us and explore the modular buildings for sale here. We have a constantly changing selection and can refurb them to suit various needs. You can also order from other manufacturers and rely on us for installation.