Modular Building Sales

Initially, at S & S Site Services (Nationwide) Limited we focused solely on installing temporary buildings. However, we offer a much broader service today. One thing we do now is modular building sales. We can share our expertise here and help clients to select the perfect cabin for any needs.

The greatest thing about these buildings is they come in a huge range of shapes and sizes. You can also arrange them in a variety of ways to create the space you need. For example, many models can stand side by side to give you a larger interior. In addition, there are models you can stack easily to create two storeys. The options for configuration and reconfiguration are extensive.

Our cabins

What we do is provide fully complete buildings that are ready to deliver, install, and put into service. We ensure a high level of finish with every part of the cabin, including the exterior skin and interior. That ensures you get the best quality when you buy from us.

We also give clients the chance to modify cabins to suit your needs. For example we can add extra doors and windows, install internal partitions, and take care of the electrical installation and plumbing. When you come to us for modular building sales, you can get exactly what you need.

What to use them for?

Modular Building SalesS & S Site Services (Nationwide) Limited has been working in the industry since 1983. In that time we have seen just how many different uses there are for modular buildings. They are a great option for commercial and leisure use. For example, they can be cafes, scout huts, changing rooms, and more. We can supply them for all of these uses.

One of the main sectors to use these buildings is education. Schools all over the UK choose cabins for classrooms, changing rooms, labs, and more. They are a cost effective option and retain excellent value because it is easy to refurbish and reconfigure them.

The healthcare sector is also a common user of modular buildings. Here they can offer facilities for various needs, including emergency vaccination centres, GPs, and even spaces for hospitals.

Private buyers can also find lots of uses for the cabins. They can be excellent if you want to create an office in your garden or if you want a separate space for an art studio or children’s playroom.

Speak to us if you are looking at modular building sales

S & S Site Services (Nationwide) Limited will work with you to ensure you get the perfect service. While we only have a small number of buildings for sale at any one time and they can vary in terms of size, we can source others to suit most needs.

So, contact us today and let us know your requirements. You can call 01377 253656 or email us the details.