Project Management

S & S Site Services (Nationwide) Limited is one of the most experienced modular building experts in the UK. We have been offering installation since the 80s. Today we also offer relocation, repairs, maintenance, refurbishment, hire, and sales. Clients can rely on us to provide expert project management too if they need it.

Catering for any project

Project ManagementOne of the greatest things about cabins and modular buildings is they have an unbeatable level of flexibility. They are perfect for a massive range of applications all around the world. You can even use them in settings where there isn’t much infrastructure. They are quick to install and also give the chance to customise them in any number of ways. Plus, you can easily reconfigure them.

There are many common uses for these buildings. You will likely see them on construction sites, in car parks, at schools, and where there are public events, but they can cater for much more than this. They are appropriate for short term needs or can be a long term solution.

Our project management services are really useful here. We can help clients to look at their needs so they choose a suitable cabin with the features they require. We can then look at installation to ensure we can position the building correctly. There may be specific access needs to consider here, but we can take care of them.

Repairs, refurbishment, and change of use

Another excellent thing about cabins and modular buildings is they can serve the end users for a long time. The fact they are easy to repair and refurbish helps with this. You can change all kinds of things, including door and window placement, partitions, electrics, and plumbing. You can even add additional cabins if you need to expand the space.

If you are planning a change of use, we would be happy to handle it for you. Again our management services are great here. They ensure we can take care of the changes effectively, organising the work so it is efficient and will be complete within the time frame.

Talk to us about project management

S & S Site Services (Nationwide) Limited has the skills and experience to help all kinds of clients. The fact we have successfully completed lots of different projects over the years is really useful here. It means we can tackle a variety of obstacles and challenges. What we will do is ensure the projects can progress smoothly at all times.

It is also rewarding to work with us because of our impressive health and safety record. We know the risks with the cabins and modular buildings. To ensure everything is safe we do risk assessments and then decide the stages for the project. We also follow HSE guidelines.

So, if you need any help with any kind of project management for modular buildings, please contact us. We are the ideal partner for clients all across the UK and beyond.