Modular Building Maintenance And Repair

At S & S Site Services (Nationwide) Limited we know how to ensure clients get the most from their modular buildings. We can provide a full range of solutions, including sales and hire, installation, alteration, and more. We are especially good at modular building maintenance and repair. With an experienced team and all the tools and materials we could need, we can handle any jobs.


modular building maintenance and repairOne of the main reasons people choose these cabins is they can provide cost effective long term solutions. They are great for offices, classrooms, changing rooms, and many other applications. However, like traditional buildings you need to maintain them to make sure they last.

There are a number of crucial things you need to look at with modular building maintenance and repair. Generally the most important is the roof and guttering. Good upkeep can reduce the risk of leaks and all the issues they can cause. If you plan to use a cabin for a long time, regular checks of the roof and gutters are a great idea. Then, you can get repairs as soon as a problem is spotted.

There are several other things to add to a maintenance schedule too. For example, keep an eye on the plumbing and electrics just like you would a normal building. Plus, check windows, doors, partitions, suspended ceilings, and other elements that can experience wear and tear.

S & S Site Services (Nationwide) Limited can provide a full service here if you want an expert to handle the maintenance. We can carefully check different types of cabin and then give clear, honest recommendations.


High quality repair services can make modular buildings last longer and ensure they provide the best value for users. We can handle all kinds of jobs here, including roof repairs and re-blanketing to tackle leaks. Any internal repairs can be done too, such as partitioning and dry wall lining, floor covering, doors and windows, locks, plumbing, and electrical. Ultimately, we will make sure you can continue to use the cabins comfortably and safely.

Ask us about modular building maintenance and repair

At S & S Site Services (Nationwide) Limited our main goal is to ensure our clients get the best use from their modular buildings. To help with this we can handle any maintenance and repairs. We recommend regular checks to reduce the risk of issues developing. It will also help to maintain the condition and value of the cabins.

If you have modular buildings, whether you buy or hire from us or elsewhere, you can ask us for help with maintaining and repairing them. We have decades of experience and a wonderful team. That means you get first rate workmanship every time.

So, get in touch today if you want to arrange modular building maintenance and repair. We can serve clients all over the UK and beyond. We’ll work to keep any disruptions to a minimum too.