Insurance Quotations

At S & S Site Services (Nationwide) Limited we offer a unique service for clients who have issues with their cabins and modular buildings. If you need us to, we can provide insurance quotations for repair or replacement work. We provide honest, competitive quotes and can then handle the project if you want to go ahead, whether through an insurer or as a chargeable service.

What is the issue?

Insurance QuotationsWhen you choose a cabin or a modular building, you want it to cater for your needs as long as you have it. However, like permanent buildings there is the potential for problems. The most common is a leaky roof. A leak could cause a huge amount of damage to the unit itself as well as the contents.

Another big risk here is fires. Again just like traditional buildings there is a fire risk because of things like the electrics, heating, and the contents.

Sadly problems can happen with the cabins and modular buildings due to wear and tear over time. It is particularly likely if the end users neglect or misuse them. Failing to do proper maintenance is a main cause of these problems. It can lead to issues and needing to consider claims and insurance quotations.

Unfortunately there is also a risk of intentional damage and vandalism. That is most likely on construction sites and other places where criminals anticipate the buildings will contain valuables. They could cause a lot of damage forcing their way in to steal the contents. In some situations there can even be crimes like intentional arson.

Whatever the situation, it can leave you with a cabin or modular building that has serious damage. Luckily, repairs may be possible. We can help with this.

Preparing insurance quotations

Anyone can come to us for assistance here. We can visit the site to do an inspection and check the extent of the damage. Then we can recommend a solution to get the cabin or modular building back into usable condition. This can include structural repairs for the roof, walls, doors and windows. We can also look at repairs and replacement for electrics, plumbing, partitions, and more. Finally, we can include a quote for decorating.

You can take this quote to your insurer to see how to proceed. It may be you can claim to cover the whole cost or part of it. It all depends on the type of insurance you have and what kind of damage it covers.

Sadly there may be situations where claims are rejected. For example, insurers may reject a claim if there is evidence a lack of maintenance and care was the cause of the damage. In this case we can still do the repairs, but it will be a chargeable service.

Contact us for quotes, advice, and support

S & S Site Services (Nationwide) Limited is happy to help if you have any problems. We have a wealth of experience with cabins and modular buildings. As a result, we are confident we can provide a comprehensive service to repair and refurbish them, even in the event of serious damage.

So, contact us today for help with insurance quotations and more.