Portable toilets are the way to go for construction projects

For any construction project, you will have to make a decision regarding toilets. Either you install permanent facilities for the workforce or hire portable ones. Portable toilet blocks can be the ideal solution for your requirements. Let’s discuss some of the advantages on offer here.


By using portable blocks, you can change things up during a project. As construction moves forward, there will be different quantities of individuals on site. They all need to work in separate places as well. The need for facilities and their preferred spots will shift as things progress.

Permanent installations lack the flexibility to change with your site. With portable units though, you can move them around as you see fit. Even better, you can bring more in and send others back should you need to alter the numbers.


Portable toilet hire is going to be far cheaper than permanent installations. Part of the reason why is the flexibility we’ve already discussed. Constructing new toilet blocks will cost a pretty penny and take time away from the business. Not to mention, there are the frequent maintenance and cleaning demands. This will add to the costs. With portable installations, there is less fuss. This allows the business to focus solely on the construction.


Portable toilet blocks have the means to be an environmentally friendly solution for building sites. They are meant to function efficiently. They can store and get rid of waste in a manner that has far less of an environmental impact than standard toilets. In particular, they won’t use as much water as a standard flushing system would. Also, they will aid you in keeping consumption down. Furthermore, hiring avoids the environmental issues of building a new toilet block.


As the construction project reaches its conclusion, the infrastructure you built around it needs to go. So, any toilets will need removing from your site. With a modular installation, this is a simple task. Our team will simply come in and take them away. If you erected your own block, you’d need to dismantle and then dispose of it. This is extra work that you can avoid.

Portable toilet blocks will serve you well

At S&S Site Services, we work to ensure that clients receive high quality portable buildings in their time of need. There are many reasons why you’d need modular structures. For instance, you might have relocated to a new space, or you are expanding your current one. Whatever the case, we can help.

So, let us know if you need portable toilet blocks or something else. We can find modular buildings to provide the facilities you need. We’ll handle installation and more for you, ensuring the service is high quality from start to finish.