Every good gym changing room needs certain elements

For many personal trainers and fitness experts, establishing a gym is a dream. Health and fitness has grown in popularity over time. The rise of social media has helped with this immensely. There is no better time to consider establishing your own gym. For yours to get off to the best possible start, you must design your changing rooms in the right way. After you purchase the equipment and make the rest of the establishment look inviting, you need to start on these vital facilities.

You may not think it, but the changing room design is essential to the gym’s overall success. These rooms have to be warm, functional, and clean areas that invite members. Also, they must allow them to store their possessions securely and safely. What’s more, there should be several facilities in these spaces that meet the needs of your patrons.

Let’s go over some of the essential elements that every changing room needs.

Top quality showers

Firstly, there are the showers. Are there times at a gym where you’d used a shower but wished you hadn’t? From weak shower heads to clingy curtains and dirty floors, many things can contribute to an awful gym experience. Your shower’s quality can be the difference between people starting at your gym or another. After an exhaustive gym session, people need somewhere pleasant, clean, and private to wash. It’s possible you will get individuals coming in for a quick session when they are on a lunch break. So, it is vital they feel refreshed afterwards.

The key is a powerful shower. The drainage also needs to be well-plumbed to stop water accumulating on the floor. Such an environment can be a breeding ground for bacteria and mould.

Another recommendation is not having shower curtains in the changing rooms. They can put people off. Instead, it is better to use shower cubicles for more privacy.

For the sake of safety, materials used for the shower must be moisture resistant. At the same time, they have to possess the right coefficient of friction for a wet setting. Furthermore, the airflow needs to be designed to pull the moist, wet air from them.

Let there be light

Up next, we have lighting. When selecting it, you need to weigh your options. Changing under bright lights can make individuals feel uncomfortable. You will want everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable when utilising your gym. Rather than going for bright lights, you should favour a diffused, orange-coloured light. This is more modest. It should make everyone relax when they are changing.

To meet the specifications of members, you could separate the lighting into the different zones of your changing rooms. One example would be using clear, bright light close to sinks and mirrors. This way, members can see themselves clearly when examining their appearance. What’s more, the lighting needs to be brighter in the shower areas. Members can see what they are doing and avoid accidents.

The right lockers

Members need a reliable place to put their items while they are working out. They don’t want to be carrying heavy bags around or constantly worrying about their possessions. So, you need to have the right lockers in your changing areas. They must be a practical size too. Ensure they are big enough for storing clothes, bags, and more.

To ensure they will be long-lasting, you should favour locker models made of heavy-duty materials. Use the right locks as well. This will deter potential thieves.

When selecting lockers, start by establishing the available space and amount of users. There needs to be enough room for clear access at all times. Consider the placement so that they don’t block pathways.

Start using modular buildings for changing rooms

At S&S Site Services, we can arrange services for modular buildings for anyone who needs them. There are multiple reasons for their use. Your existing space could be undergoing renovations. Or it could be you want an easy way to enhance your capacity. Whatever the case, we will give you the means to install new facilities.

So, talk to us if you need help with changing rooms or anything else. We’ll help you with everything, including selecting a modular building, installing it, and maintenance.