What affects the longevity of modular buildings?

Many people like the idea of using modular buildings due to the lower costs. Although, some believe these structures won’t last all that long. This isn’t the case. They will generally last longer than you think. Construction techniques are constantly evolving, and they are built to the same standards as traditional constructs. So, you can get many years of use from them.

Like all buildings though, proper maintenance is essential for a long lifespan. What we are going to do is talk about temporary and permanent modular buildings. Also, we will go over those factors that influence their longevity.

Temporary structures

Let’s begin with temporary modular structures. It may surprise you to hear, but they are able to last for decades. They offer a portable, quick space solution. They generally don’t stay on one site for too long. Despite this, they should last for roughly 25 to 30 years. This isn’t an eternity, but is long enough for the building to do many jobs.

Permanent structures

These are a long term investment. Like a site-built structure, you put permanent installations on a foundation. Thanks to their superb modular construction quality, they can last for five decades or more. Longevity is even more likely if the building is made of durable, strong materials. They can put up with decades of ageing and harsh weather.

We now know more about temporary and permanent modular buildings. Let’s move onto discussing the factors affecting their longevity.


Firstly, regular maintenance is the key to a long lasting building. You should apply protective coatings to roofing and siding every year to account for harsh weather. This will lower the chance that paint will chip away, or that hail or sleet will cause damage. To stop water infiltration, examine the downspouts, gutters, and rooftops for correct drainage. Ensure windows and doors are caulked, sealed, and flashed.


Mechanical and roofing systems need replacing every two decades on average. Every 25 to 30 years, plumbing, electric systems, sidings, and windows will also need to be replaced. Frequent replacement of HVAC filters will guarantee your systems operate correctly and will lower repairs.


The second factor is quality. It dictates how long a building lasts. Very cheap modular buildings tend to be priced like this for a reason. They can degrade more rapidly because they use low quality materials. Alternatively, they are older buildings that aren’t up to modern standards.


Both cold winter nights and hot summer days pose a danger to poorly insulated buildings. Insulation regulates temperature and stops moisture from getting in. Without it, air conditioning and heating bills will increase. In short, you should choose a building with good insulation to ensure it lasts.

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