Top reasons to choose portable toilet blocks instead of mobile toilets

For years the best choice for temporary toilet facilities was mobile toilets. They were a common sight on construction sites, at events, and in various other locations. However, portable toilet blocks have become a viable alternative. They actually offer a number of benefits too. We want to look at them today so you can see why they are such a great choice.

Environmentally friendly

Sustainability is vital today, especially with the climate crisis. Toilet blocks are more sustainable than mobile toiletsfor a number of reasons. They require less energy to build and feature recyclable materials. They also have a longer lifecycle, saving resources and the energy to build more.

Running costs

A big thing for businesses is the blocks can be very cost effective to run. You can connect to water and electric mains or use efficient auxiliary supplies. They can also have efficient lighting and quality insulation to save energy.


Most people will have been in a disgusting portable loo at one point or another. They can be very tricky to keep clean, even with regular services. Portable toilet blocks are much better in this regard. They have running water to quickly get rid of waste. In some cases you can even connect directly to the sewer system for disposal. Everything else is designed to be easy to clean, including sinks, toilet bowls, and flooring.


Mobile toilets can be a difficult prospect for anyone with claustrophobia. They also lack climate controls and the plastic toilets and sinks can be a pain to use. With blocks you get the same experience you would in a normal bathroom. They can have spacious individual stalls, proper toilets and sinks, and can have controls to ensure they have a comfortable temperature whatever the weather.


A major concern many businesses have is vandalism. Sadly mobile toilets seem to invite misuse. There is a risk of issues like internal and external damage, tipping over, arson, and even theft. Portable toilet blocks can provide a level of protection against some of these issues. Crucially, it is impossible to tip them over and they cannot be stolen.


Both blocks and mobile toilets are designed for longevity. The idea is they can remain on site for as long as possible and then be taken elsewhere for the next job. However, the blocks are more durable because of the materials and construction methods. They can withstand all kinds of harsh weather for long periods. A good quality block could offer decades of service.


Finally, you get a lot more versatility with blocks. They begin as modular buildings. So, you can decide on the size and how to have the interior. It is easy to include partitions to create separate areas. So, you could have toilets, showers, dressing tables, lockers and benches, and more in a block. You can also provide separate facilities for different genders if necessary.

Do you want to try portable toilet blocks?

S&S Site Services can help clients that want to install washroom facilities in various locations. We know how to handle all kinds of modular buildings, including jackleg cabins. You can rely on us for installation, internal fixings, and more. We can even renovate blocks if they need freshening up.

So, speak to us about portable toilet blocks. We will find the perfect solution for you and can offer relocation and more in the future if you need it.