Modular building design considerations

We’re a business that focuses on refurbishing, relocating, and installing portable buildings. This is the area we’ve worked in for more than three decades. Our reputation is one built on reliability and quality. The team can offer a myriad of services to clients, as well as top tier results. There are also plenty of modular buildings for sale from us should you need them.

A popular option

Modular constructions are increasing in popularity as an alternative to standard construction methods. You can erect them swiftly, in a controlled environment, and in a cost effective manner. Because of this, they are a wonderful pick for all kinds of projects.

Another advantage of them is the scope of design. The modular construction procedure lets you change your design to put it in line with your vision. You possess the freedom to get the ideal mix of utility and aesthetics. Designing can be complex though. To help, we’re going to discuss some things you need to consider for your building.

Function and layout

The function is the most important thing to focus on here. Think about why you want to erect the building. This depends on what you’re attempting to accomplish, and what your project’s aims and goals are.

In the same vein, you need to think of the building’s layout. You might want it to be a workshop or office. Each of these points will influence the design considerably. Therefore, it always needs to work for your vision.

Dimensions and space

You also need to evaluate the building site so you can design your structure accordingly. It is necessary to think about the clearances around the site. Examples include underground pipelines and overhead power lines.

Modules are typically constructed in a factory and shipped to your locations. So, you’ll have to examine the route between your site and the factory. Ensure those modules you design meet legal requirements. Our business has plenty of modular buildings for sale if you’re in need of them.


You must design a modular building in a manner that the manufacturer can produce it. Design expectations need to be realistic. Most importantly, your structure needs to fit the capacity of the factory to build it.

There are also time and budget constrictions to consider. You need to estimate the module’s construction time, and how it fits in with your project goals and schedule.


Your modular building needs to endure the weather. This is particularly important in places where winter can be harsh. As such, you need the right materials for your structure.

Load conditions

You must think about the loading to ensure your buildings will be able to handle it. Consider the use of the building here. Will it house lots of people at once or heavy equipment? Are you stacking modules? Plan for the loads to make sure the structures will be safe and stable.


No one designs a building without these in mind. However, you need to ensure that they remain consistent, in-line with your vision, and producible. Furthermore, you must maintain the proper balance of function and form. The styling should not overpower the function, because you would lose the utility.

Talk to us about the modular buildings for sale

At S&S Site Services, we supply modular buildings that have a high level of finish. Should you need us to, we can also modify them. We can install things like extra internal partitions, doors, and windows. There are even plumbing and electrical services available.

So, if you’d like to know more about the modular buildings for sale here, feel free to speak to us.