Installing portable toilet blocks

If there are no facilities on a site, installing portable toilet blocks is a great option. They are perfect for events like festivals, construction jobs, and much more. You can install them as permanent solutions, or take advantage of the portability so they can be relocated or removed when you no longer need them.

When you do need these kinds of toilets, you must think about how you will install them. We want to have a look at that here to give you some useful advice.

Delivery and placement

These blocks arrive on site as complete cabins or in sections ready to assemble. Generally they ship on the back of flatbeds for easy loading and unloading. In most cases you will need a crane to place them.

One thing you need to look at is the site conditions. There may not be any permanent roads. If this is the case it can become necessary to install temporary solutions such as trackway. That will allow the delivery vehicles and crane to get in position to offload the toilets.


Once the portable toilet blocks are in place you need to plumb them in. Ideally you want to be as close to water mains as possible to connect to them. If there are no mains, you will need a water tank to provide the supply.

Another thing you need to think about is waste. Again the ideal solution is to place the toilets where you can connect to sewage systems to get rid of it. But, if there is no infrastructure, you can choose an effluent tank. You then need to think about emptying and cleaning it.


You will also likely need to connect the blocks to a power source for lighting, plug sockets, and more. Yet again it is best to use the mains. However, you can get a generator if necessary.


Finally, you will also want to install systems to help improve hygiene. This includes dispensers for soap and toilet paper. Another good option is an odour elimination system.

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