Hiring modular buildings is a cost efficient strategy

Modular structures are a great option for anyone wanting to quickly expand space on a budget. They can be affordable to buy and hire. Both options are cost efficient, whether you need changing rooms, a classroom, or security buildings. By lowering spending on permanent construction, you can minimise the outlay. Let’s look at how modular buildings can save you money and why hiring may be best.

Modular vs traditional

Firstly, they are far more cost effective than standard buildings. Roughly 70% of modular construction happens in a factory. With traditional structures, there is on-site, linear construction. This demands more money and build time. Not to mention, modular tends to use recycled substances, lowering costs more.

There is minimised on-site building too. As we said, modular buildings are made in a factory. This is done in sections and they then get transported to the site ready to install. Labour costs are smaller here and the structures usually only need basic foundations. Overall, it means they are cheaper.


As you may guess, installing these buildings is a swift process. Should you need new changing rooms or anything else, it can take just a few days to get them ready. This saves costs in shutting things down whilst waiting for your new building. You won’t have to rent space away from your site either.

Energy efficiency

In February 2023, one in five firms said that energy prices were their main concern. Modular structures lower energy consumption, so it provides lower costs for businesses.

Hire or buy?

If you’ve made the decision that a modular building is right for you, the next thing is to establish whether you hire or buy. The former has its benefits, which we will go over here.

Speed vs price

If you hire, you can rapidly increase capacity or produce new, first rate changing rooms or workspace without as big of a capital outlay. Thus, hiring is a cost efficient way to meet your business’ needs.

Quality structures

Another benefit is the quality. You could end up hiring a higher specification structure than you’d have been able to purchase.


Hiring these buildings is a wonderful choice if you only need them for a short time. For instance, you can use one while waiting for a permanent build. Alternatively, you can expand facilities during a pop-up or event.

Low commitment

Finally, if something goes awry and you need to downsize, you won’t have large losses from getting rid of the building. You just need to check the terms in the hire contract. Then, it is simple to remove them or you have the option to relocate.

Use our services to get modular buildings for changing rooms and more

At S&S Site Services, we provide multiple modular building services. They include installation and relocation, as well as maintenance and refurbishment. You have the choice between buying and hiring as well.

The next time you find yourself needing new changing rooms or anything else, you can depend on us to provide them. So, if we can help you in some way, contact us today.