A guide for installing modular buildings

One of the best advantages with modular or prefabricated construction is it can save a significant amount of time if you compare to traditional building techniques. If you only have a small window or there is an emergency, it is the best option. What we want to do here is offer a quick guide for installing modular buildings. It will show you the main steps so you know what to expect.

Delivering to the site

The most notable thing here is the buildings will arrive in sections. The number of loads will depend on the size and design. Some may be a single cabin, so you only get one delivery. In other cases you will get several loads with all the individual pieces.


Next, the first section will be prepared for placement on the site. Generally we need to remove any protective sheets that were in place during transport. Then, we need to position the section near a crane ready for lifting. Tackle and blocks need to be installed ready to lift the section.

Lifting and placement

Once everything is ready and secure, the crane operator will lift the section clear of the delivery vehicle. They will then carefully manoeuvre it into position above the spot where the building will go. It needs to line up carefully here with any foundation pads or other footings.

Next sections

The process then repeats to prepare, lift, and place the second section. Once it is in place, it gets attached to the first. Any remaining sections can follow after this.

Onsite fixes

Once all sections are in place and connected together, it is time to remove the crane and move on to the finishes. There is a lot to do here, including installing watertight seals and finishing the exterior. Then it is a matter of doing the interior.

Order modular buildings today to get them quickly

While the guide may make it sound like a long process, it can be surprisingly quick. Depending on the size and complexity, as well as site conditions, it can take a few days or just a couple of weeks to complete an installation. That is much faster than would be possible with other types of construction.

We hope the guide for installing modular buildings has been useful to you. If you have any questions or would like to arrange a professional service, we would be happy to provide it. Simply contact S&S Site Services and let us know what you are looking for.