Maintenance & Refurbishment

Are you having problems with your office or mobile classroom? Do you have a broken window, a leaking roof, or a sticking door? Could your building just do with a fresh coat of paint?

S & S Site Services have been refurbishing portable buildings for the last 30 years and have established a solid reputation for quality and reliability.

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Our range of services:

Dry wall lining – This can be the replacement or refurbishment caused by vandalism or water damage of plasterboard walls.

Partitioning – New internal stud walls built, insulated with rock wool and then plasterboarded.

Painting and decorating – We will prepare and finish all areas, either external or internal. This includes, gloss, emulsion, staining and varnishing work. External texturing of the cabin can also be undertaken.

Roof and guttering cleared of debris – Roof inspections carried out to identify the causes of blocked guttering and drainage points.

Roof repairs and re-blanketing – We will carry out a full roof inspection to identify the cause of any leaks. This may include:-

  • The re-flashing of joint.
  • Removing and the re-sealing of any cracked mastic.
  • Replacing of torn or pierced roofs.

We can apply temporary self adhesive flashing tape to stop any immediate water damage.

Suspended ceiling – We can arrange the installation of suspended ceilings.

Floor coverings – We can supply and fit a variety of floor covering including laminate, vinyl, carpet and carpet tiles.

Electrical installation – We offer electrical services to meet your requirements. This could include the addition, relocation or removal of convector heaters, lights, switches and more.

Plumbing services – We offer plumbing services to meet your requirements. This can include the addition, relocation or removal of sinks, toilets, water heaters and more.

Supply and installation of new doors and windows –

  • Adjust – We can adjust sticking and catching doors and windows.
  • Replace – We can supply and fit new external and internal doors and windows/vision panels, including fire doors and security doors.

Existing handles, hinges and locks –

  • Create – New door openings and windows.
  • Removal – Blanking off of old existing doorways, windows and openings.

Replace fascias and skirts – Removal of rotten or damaged fascias or skirts, replacing with new products.

Improving fire rating – This can be the addition of fire doors and fire-rated plasterboard to the existing walls of a cabin.

Supply and installation of security grills – External (or in some cases) internal, windows guards can be fitted to improve security or help prevent vandalism. These can be integrated within the window itself. Door guards can also be fitted to improve security.

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